A Winter Marquee Wedding – Real wedding stories

winter marquee weddingA winter marquee wedding was the first to kick start 2018 for LMS Weddings.

It started with Toby and Fiona contacting me in August 2017.  They informed me they were having a marquee wedding – in January! The lovely bride and groom to be wanted me to take care of their day. I provided On The Day coordination services to ensure that the day went smoothly allowing them to enjoy their special day stress free.

Planning for a winter marquee wedding


Fast forward to Christmas time 2017.  We were met with the worst snowfall in apparently 27 years! Of course melting snow means wet  and freezing temperatures. This meant that the ground was not gwinter marquee weddingoing to dry out in time for the winter marquee wedding! Unfortunately, as much as I try to make couples dreams come true for their special day, one thing I do not have any power for is to control the weather. I wish I could, I would be a billionaire! A contingency plan was put  into place. This meant moving the position of the marquee slightly to enable the least amount of traffic on the field to prevent a mud bath from happening.

One of the first things that I asked Toby and Fiona when they said they were having a winter marquee wedding was “HAVE YOU BOOKED A HEATER”. Fortunately their answer was the correct one.  However, heaters take a lot of Diesel. The heater had to be on full power for the days leading up to the wedding.  Heating was needed to prevent dampness setting in on the marquee.  Fortunately the Farmer who owned the field was very accommodating and kept us well stocked up with red diesel.  There was also the generator that was providing power for the lighting and the catering services, again which needed diesel.

The day itself…….

On the day of the winter marquee wedding, itself, the day was fantastic everything went to plan from a preparation winter marquee weddingpoint of view. The one small issue we had (nothing that affected the happiness of the bride and groom) was the heating situation.  There were guests who had the heating system directly onto them full pelt, so they were too hot. At the other end there were more elderly guests who were commenting that they were to cold.  We did everything that we could to overcome this. If you are considering having a winter marquee wedding, you may want to highlight to Guests that the wedding is in a marquee so they  may wish to dress accordingly.  Don’t get me wrong, the marquee wasn’t a freezer, in fact one of my questions to myself beforehand was “what shall I wear”, as believe me I really feel the cold. I needn’t have worried as the marquee was toasty warm.

Don’t forget…….

Finally, if you are choosing to have a winter marquee wedding (or one any other time of the year for that matter) and you are in the middle of the countryside, don’t forget that there are no street lights. Installing outside lights is a must – particularly to assist your Guests to the car park.  I have worked on several weddings now, where this has not been considered in the planning stages.winter marquee wedding



Do you need some assistance for your winter marquee wedding?

So there you have it, a quick insight into some of the things you need to be aware of if you are having a winter marquee wedding.  I could go on for longer, but I don’t want to bore you too much. For more information, why not drop me a line at info@lmsweddings.co.uk or give me a call 07980 679575