A Beer Festival Wedding

a beer festival weddingA beer festival wedding theme is certainly a break from tradition.  Festival weddings are certainly popular, but many Couples think about a music festival theme.  There are so many other styles of Festival weddings you could have –  a beer festival wedding is just one!

Naturally, for a beer festival wedding, you need to be a fan of beer, but how do you plan a beer festival wedding?

You need beer!

First up, lets start with the obvious, you can’t have a beer festival wedding without real ale, so make friends with a local brewery, or two!


Live bands are also a must.  How about asking your bands to perform on the back of a lorry trailer for a true festival style (Venue permitting of course!) You could start off the day with a range of acoustic bands and singers, and get a bit more raucous as the day goes on!


Your local Village Hall or a marquee in a field would be perfect choice for a beer festival wedding.

Fooda beer festival wedding

As a beer festival wedding is a break from tradition, I’m guessing that you wouldn’t be considering having a formal three course meal to feed your Guests.  How about pie and mash?  Check out http://www.pietanic.co.uk/

Sensible Logistics

Although it is a truly fun way to celebrate your wedding day, there are some considerations you need to think about:

a beer festival weddingGlassware: You are going to need a lot of glasses.  Even if you ask people to hold onto their glasses for the day, they never do.  In true beer festival style, plastic glasses are adviseable. (I recommend 1/2 pint glasses too, especially if some ales are on the strong side.)

Staffing: Things could get messy if you leave your Guests to help themselves to the beer.  It is adviseable to have a couple of staff manning the bar (Preferably that know how to pull a pint)

Remember non beer drinkers: Although you are having a beer festival wedding, have some alternative drinks available for non drinkers or those that simply don’t like beer!

Consider Guest transport: You’re having a beer festival wedding, and you want your Guests to enjoy themselves and take part.  How about organising transport for your Guests at the end of the night, so they don’t have to worry about driving?

I think a beer festival wedding is such a fun alternative to celebrate your wedding day, in fact I had so much fun thinking about this, it almost makes me want to get married again!

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