LMS Weddings is a Shropshire Wedding Planner

and On The Day Coordinator


Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

You probably have lots of ideas flying around your head about planning the wedding of your dreams,

BUT..... do you feel overwhelmed?

Not knowing if you have remembered every little detail or if the day will flow smoothly.

Perhaps you have carried out all of the Wedding Planning yourself and don't need a Wedding Planner.....

Shropshire wedding planner and On the day Wedding COordinator

Shropshire wedding planner & on the day coordinator
shropshire wedding planner & on the day coordinator
shropshire wedding planner & on the day coordinator

"From this day forward, Making your dreams a reality"

If you're having a DIY Wedding, you may still need a Wedding Planner to take the stress away

and the ensure the smooth running of your Wedding Day.

Take a look at our Services or call us on 07980 679575 to find out more


LMS Weddings, Shropshire Wedding Planner, can work as closely with you as you would like, taking care of as much or as little as you would like us to.

For piece of mind, it maybe helpful to know that Lynda Smallman, Proprietor of LMS Weddings is accredited with the UK Academy for Wedding and Event Planners.

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"I will respond to all enquiries within 48 hours
I always respect Client confidentiality
I will disclose any Venues/Suppliers which I have a vested interest in
I will pass any discounts received directly onto my Client
I will never give my Client details to any third party unless for the sole purpose of my Clients wedding
I will represent my Client fairly and honestly
I will ensure that my Public Liability Insurance is current and up to date"