Questions to ask a Wedding Planner

Is the thought of planning your wedding daunting? Perhaps you need to consider hiring a Wedding Planner.

Today, I’m going to give you a list of questions to ask a Wedding Planner to make sure you are getting the right person to help you arrange your perfect day.

“How much experience do you have?”

I hate to say it, but many people loved planning their own wedding so much, they decide overnight that they want to become a Wedding Planner!

Every wedding is different, and planning someone else’s big day can be stressful, as everything falls on the Wedding Planner to be perfect. You are putting your trust in that person, so you need to ensure that they are up for the challenge.

“Is this your main job? Can I contact you easily?”

Imagine you are stressed to the limit in the middle of the morning.

If your Wedding Planner is in another job, full-time, they are unlikely to be contactable until the early evening. Can you wait that long? They will also be less likely to be flexible to meet you at times convenient for you.

“How can you help me achieve my ideas?”

A Wedding Planner should provide you with guidance on what YOU want for YOUR day, not what they think you want. A good Wedding Planner should be a good listener.

“I’ve no idea how to manage my wedding day”

A Wedding Planner can help with this. They should be able to give you ideas, along with advantages and disadvantages of various options for timings on your wedding day.

“I’m worried my Suppliers won’t turn up”

A Wedding Planner should liaise with your Suppliers before your wedding day. They will also have a supply of alternatives that they can call upon should the unforeseen happen.

“I’m panicking about the weather”

As we’re not God, unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the weather. However, a Wedding Planner can put a contingency plan in place against any foreseen issues.

“I don’t know how to manage my wedding budget”

A Wedding Planner can help you with your budget and give you helpful tips to keep your budget on track as well as giving you money saving ideas.

“I want ‘something unique’ (Fill in the gap) for my wedding day but don’t know where to find it”

A Wedding Planner has relationships with many trusted Suppliers and can search for anything unusual.

“How will you communicate with me?”

A Wedding Planner should be flexible and be able to communicate in whatever method suits you best.

“Do you receive commission from your preferred Suppliers?”

A reputable Wedding Planner should pass any money saving options onto you. They should recommend Suppliers suitable for your requirements and your style, not for their financial gains.

Another way to check on Wedding Planners is to also have a look at testimonials from Couples who they have worked with in the past.

Questions to ask a Wedding Planner